Welcome to the web site of The Mashiko Tourist Association!
Mashiko’s main industry, pottery, attracts over two million visitors every year.
There are as many as 250 potteries and about 50 ceramic shops.
We are very pleased to introduce the fantastic works of various potters, who try to exert their individuality and uniqueness through their works, in this site.
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Pottery Fair

The Town’s Pottery Fair have been held twice a year since 1966---once in the spring during Japan’s Golden Week Holiday, and once in the fall around November 3rd.
There are about 50 shops and as many as 600 tents set up selling pottery.
There is a great variety of pottery sold---from traditional Mashiko pottery such as vases and pots to articles for daily use such as cups and plates.
The Pottery Fairs provide a great chance to enjoy talking with young artists and local potters in the shops and tents.
Besides pottery, freshly-harvested vegetables grown in Mashiko and some other speciality items from the region are big attractions of The Fair. Every year about 600,000 people come to enjoy The Fairs.
The Pottery Fair Board
(Toki-ichi Jikko Iinkai)
TEL 0285(70)1120

Mashiko Spring Pottery Fair 2024

*The Spring Pottery Fair
From . Sat Apr 27 ~ Mon May 6, 2024


At many places in Mashiko Town (mainly in Jonaizaka and Sayado)


JR Oyama station(Tohoku Line) → JR Shimodate station(Mito Line)
→Moka Railway Mashiko station → approx. 20 min. walk from the station

Bus Platform No.14, West Exit, JR Utsunomiya station(Tohoku Line) Kanto Bus
from JR Utsunomiya station →To Mashiko (approx.. 60 min.)

<Joban Expressway>
Tomobe JCT of Joban Expressway → Kita-Kanto Expressway → Sakuragawa-Chikusei IC → Mashiko (approx. 20 min. drive)
Mito IC of Joban Expressway → Route 50 → Mashiko (approx. 60 min. drive)
<Tohoku Expressway>
Tsuga JCT of Tohoku Expressway → Moka IC of Kitakanto Expressway → Mashiko (approx. 25 min. drive)
Kaminokawa IC of Tohoku Expressway → Route 4 → Mashiko (approx. 40 min. drive)
Kanuma IC of Tohoku Expressway → through downtown Utsunomiya → Route 123 → Mashiko (approx. 60 min. drive)